Oral Communication Strategy

Assignment 2 – Oral Communication Strategy

Worth: 30% of your final grade – two parts

A3 Part 1
Design &
15% Due Date: Week 6
you choose an appropriate format for materials
used to support your Video CV
Copies of presentation materials
1. Presentation Plan – use the template provided in
the Assessment Resources to plan your
presentation – Submit this with your presentation
A3 Part 2
15% Due Date: Week 6
Recorded Video CV/Resume – 1-2 minutes


Research an organisation you would like to work for in the future. Explore their story,
values, and culture and try to determine what they look for in future employees (you may
find a recent or current job ad to look at).
Create a 1-2 minute Video CV/Resume (VCV) that could complement your traditional CV in
the right job application context. VCVs give your potential employers insights into your
personality and your presentation and communication skills.
The links below provide some advice for making your VCV.
How to Make a Great Video CV: https://www.theguardian.com/careers/careers
How to Create a Successful Video CV: https://youtu.be/KxLKPQO3z1I
Seek Video Screen: https://anz.sparkhire.com/
Tips for Creating a Video Resume: https://www.thebalance.com/tips-for-creating-a
Here are some links to examples of VCVs to give you some insights about how to approach
the task. Remember, these are just examples. Try to be innovative and creative to make
your resume stand out from the rest!


Why am I doing this?
1. This task gives you practice in presenting creatively to a potential future
employer (audience). Communicating orally is an important form of
communication in both academic and professional contexts.
2. You will have practice at designing a presentation in the form of a Video CV. To
do this, you need to select relevant information and present this information in
an engaging and appropriate style.
3. You may face challenges in public speaking or dislike seeing yourself talking in
videos, so this task allows you to practice strategies to become a more
confident and innovative speaker.
4. The task is designed to encourage you to be reflective on your identity,
strengths and characteristics that you can showcase to your future employers
How can I do well?
Carefully consider your audience and tailor your presentation to them.
Consider who you are: what are your values and how to they align with the
organisation you are targeting.
Consider your strengths and how you can emphasise these with good examples.
Practice your presentation many times before you complete your recording.
Watch a range of Video CVs using the links provided, or search online, and look
at the strategies people that you identify as capable speakers are using.
Know when to ask for help if you are feeling undue stress related to this task –
especially if you have a genuine fear of public speaking.
More information and advice for this task will be provided in workshops.


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