Literary Seminar and Essay Assignment

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You are responsible for putting together an independent 18-20 minute (maximum)literary seminar on one of the novels we will study during the remainder of the semester. These include: The Great Gatsby, 1984,and Brave New World.In addition to putting together a seminar, you will also write a literary essay which will reflect the topic of your seminar. This essay will be submitted 3 days after the completion of your seminar. The seminar will serve as the foundation for your literary essay.
Remember, a seminar differs from a presentation in that you are teaching the class about your topic and getting them involved through discussions and activities. Through the discussion generated with the class you will gain additional insights about your topic which will enhance your essay.
Each seminar requires the creation of a thesis statement which will be proven using specific quotes and references to the primary text:

Must follow all expectations for a literary seminar, these include:
 A solid, engaging and informative introduction which includes your thesis
 Clearly identified and supported arguments that are well organized and reinforce your thesis- Use of primary and secondary resources is essential.
 Have an effective and detailed conclusion.
 Discussions or activities which will engage the class and further our understanding of the topic.- you will use your classmates insight to enhance your final literary essay- do not leave this to the end.No Kahoot!
 Prepare a one page (double sided if necessary) handout which summarizes (in point form) key points from your seminar. Ensure the creativity of the layout is engaging.
 A visual aid which will assist you in communicating your ideas (limit the amount of text, include relevant images or videos to reinforce your point).
 Media component (visual)
 A works cited page (submitted to your teacher only). Must outline all resources used.

Must follow all expectations of a formal literary essay including:
 Use of primary quotations
 Use of academic secondary sources (minimum 2)
 Approximate length of 1000 words.
 Formally written
 Formatted and cited using MLA.

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