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For our take-home final exam, please compose responses to BOTH questions below. For each question, compose a minimum 750 word response.                                                                                    

  • As we have discussed, Hamletis a revenge tragedy complicated by the theme of hesitancy and action which in turn plays a vital role in defining the character of Hamlet. In a thesis-driven essay, explore the causes and effects of Hamlet’s hesitancy, including how it becomes an obstacle to the otherwise clear goal of revenge.
  • We have discussed the Elizabethan Chain of Being and how it relates to the play, Hamlet. In a thesis-driven essay, discuss the function of Fortinbras in Hamlet, including the importance of his father’s interactions with the late King Hamlet, the various references to him throughout the play and his appearance in the final scene of Act V.

Criteria for Evaluation: Click here for essay help.

These essays will need to be a thesis-driven literary argument which answers the selected prompts in full while conforming to the conventions of the academic essay.

For these essays, be sure to cite adequate support in the development of your argument.   Also, be sure to integrate ALL relevant vocabulary into your response as necessary such as; protagonist, antagonist, plot, exposition, dialogue, point of view, turning point, onomatopoeia, rhyme, simile, poetic diction.

This response is a well composed final essay which exhibits superior analysis, presentation of ideas, clear and precise evidence, thoughtful explanations, and a panache for individual thought and expression.

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