Citizen 13660 Miné Okubo

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Annotated Bibliography (10%):

To date we have worked on becoming critical readers of text and putting everything we read into context. In this, your final project, you will use all the skills you have been developing this semester.

Please note you are being introduced to this final paper in Week 12 and will be working on it for the next month. You will need to pace yourself and make sure you do not leave all the heavy lifting for the last minute. It will be REALLY important for you to leave enough time to do your research, create citations and have someone review your work.


In an essay of 5 pages consider the following question:

In Citizen 13660 Miné Okubo documents a critical moment in U.S. history, the forcible evacuation and detainment of people of Japanese descent – nearly two-thirds of them American citizens – as a result of Executive Order 9066. Discuss the ways Okubo’s text provides a counter-narrative to the popular discourse(s) surrounding Japanese-Americans during and post WWII.


A complete response will consider the following:

The material conditions of the camps that Okubo documents

The Wartime Propaganda used to justify the incarceration of Japanese-Americans. In other words, the way in which Japanese-Americans were visually represented as the enemy race.

Narrative strategies Okubo uses to get her message across to readers, i.e., humor, her drawings, etc. For example, how do the text and the pictures she provide work with or against each other? Is her journalistic style engaging to you as a reader, or did it turn you off?


Shows a clear and original thesis statement that addresses the question

Makes clear reference to the text to support a sustained argument

Includes 3 secondary sources. Definition: “Secondary sources” are works of writing that further your understanding of Citizen 13660, which we call the “primary source.”

FIRST, everyone will need to use: “Spatial Construction of the Enemy Race” by Xiaojing Zhou.

Second, choose one other article from the folder of articles posted in Week 12. Or, if you prefer, you may substitute an article you find on your own from credible BMCC library sources instead.

Third, FIND one article or book chapter on your own from library sources that will help you with your paper, with the assistance of our librarian Lane Glisson.

Has a Works Cited page – A big part of this assignment is learning to create citations. You should use KnightCite, a citation tool, and have your work double-checked if necessary.

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