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Instructions: 1)You must cite exactly from the required text. Do NOT paraphrase. Cite the EXACT pages from this required text. Otherwise, you are plagiarizing and you will flunk. It is easy. Just type out AT LEAST TEN sentences from the book for each question. Then, cite (author, page, publication year) at the end of each paragraph or sentence. Use APA style of referencing. Enclose a bibliography at the END. Proofread your work. If you do not spell words correctly or if you have improper grammar. You must answer ALL the questions. Type out the number and the question and then type from the text.

1. What is the significance of Lawrence v. Texas, given the context of family values? (Chapter 10)
2. Do homeless people enjoy any protection in public spaces? Explain. (Chapter 11)
3. What is the “modern redress movement”? Why is it significant? (Chapter 12)
4. Explain the significance of Rumsfeld v. Padilla in the context of post September 11, 2001. (Chapter 13).

5. Now that you have read the entire book, American Pluralism and the Law, what is “American Pluralism and the Law”?

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