Reader’s Journal: Character Sketch of Oedipus

The purpose of the Reader’s Journal is to provide you with a place to explore ideas, discuss reading, and ask questions about the texts you read for this course. The reader’s journal will ask you to reflect on the readings for the week with questions as prompts, but your response does not need to be in essay format. If it makes more sense to provide a bulleted list or outline, please do so. The language style in the reader’s journal can be more informal than your other writing assignments, but please be sure to use academic terms and ideas from the reading to support your ideas. When referring to the “events of the story”, call it “plot” so as to familiarize yourself with the academic vocabulary of literature.

Assignment Instructions

Using your observations powers as a discerning reader, come up with a character sketch of Oedipus (that is, a description of his strong and weak qualities, with two examples of each). Support each one with quotes or paraphrases from the play, and quote the location in which the quote is found (e.g., Prologue, scene, ode, etc. and the line number in which the quote is found. For example, you might say Oedipus is proud, and use as an example the line “Is this your prayer? It may be answered” (Scene 1, line 1). He is proud enough to be willing to answer requests directed at the gods. (You may re-use the description of pride, but choose a new example.)
Finally, proclaim whether you believe that, overall, Oedipus is a weak or strong character and why.


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