Computer science

Reflect on the readings and our discussions. Using the structure below, write a brief paper (approximately 3 pages) in which you

Briefly identify and explain the major concepts in this module (this should be no more than one page – it’s an introduction).
You designated a “workplace application” in Module 1 and articulated goals and stakeholders. Now write a paragraph that connects the concepts from this module to the workplace application goals and stakeholders.
Based on the above, what are the potential problem areas for your workplace?
How might those problems be addressed; that is, what policies and/or procedures might be designed? Don’t get into the details here – we’re not writing policy in this course!
Now go back to the list of values you created in Module 2. Which of those values are relevant to the potential problem areas you identified above?
Looking at the potential policies and/or procedures from step 4 AND the values from step 5, are there values conflicts?
Recommend action and back your recommendation(s) with careful reasoning based on the analysis above.
Remember to cite all of your sources, including the discussion responses of your colleagues. Please use a standard format. You’ll need in-text citations as well as a Works Cited or Bibliography page at the end (please include all bibliographic information – a URL is never enough). Citations show me that you are considering other people’s thinking (as well as whose thoughts you’re considering); this can be the foundation for a good analysis.


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