Political science

Some scholars argue that citizen participation has been declining since the 1960s and citizens are
no longer joining groups or voting at the rates they once used to. However, Russell Dalton argues
that these scholars have been ignoring changing forms and demographics of participation. We
discussed these points at length throughout the semester. Now you need to use these arguments
to construct your own by answering the questions below.

Based on the literature you read and class discussions, is democracy failing? Should we be
worried about the future of democracy not only in the United States but in other established
democracies? What does this say for newly established democracies or those in the midst of
transitioning? Explain your stance on each of these positions and be sure to thoroughly defend
your position based on the class material (both participation and deliberation literature (Use only the materials I have uploaded as sources- no outside sources Note-Use Daltons book more)




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