Disastrous conditions

A natural disaster has occurred across the state. Disastrous conditions affect everyone. There will be no power, running water or any assistance until further notice. Fortunately, you are a franchised mega storeowner and right before the disastrous storm a large order of supplies had arrived to your store. You have the ability to help the wounded, hydrate and feed a couple thousand individuals for upwards of two weeks. The problem is there is no power to run any of the cash registers and no accessibility to cash by any individual due to the extreme damage caused by the storm. As the owner of this large and very successful business, you have made the decision to give away all inventories in the store until the shelves are clear. Although, the franchisee owner has given an order that all doors must be shut ASAP, or you will be responsible in paying a $10,000.00 fine with future penalties to follow. You know that insurance will cover all losses from products given away. What is your ultimate decision? Do you give away everything becoming a local hero; pay the fine while helping everyone who is in desperate need or do you shut the doors as you have been advised? Depending on your decision to this dilemma, what kind of benefits or criticisms will unfold with your choice?



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