United States and its allies toward winning world war 2

Read this First
Important Directions: Copy the questions to your
page. Be sure that you write your answer under each part of the question.
Answer the question using paragraphs, complete sentences, good grammar and punctuation. REMEMBER: Write as if you are communicating with someone who knows nothing of the topic – full names, definitions, explanations, and examples. I love details that answer the question!
Write an introduction and conclusion for your essay.
Question 1 (20 Points)
1. Fully describe, in chronological order, the four (4) most critical events that moved the United States and its Allies toward winning World War II. Each event comprises a paragraph. Survey the information on both the European and Asian theaters of the war.
2. For each event: Who were the important people involved in this event? What did each person do? You may need to do some research on this part of the question.
3. For each event: Why was each event significant?
Sample outline:
Paragraph 1: Fully describe event #1
Paragraph 2: Name people involved in event #1 and what the person did. Paragraph 3: Why was event #1 significant?
ETC for events 2, 3, and 4 End with a conclusion




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