The major project for this class is an analysis of a piece of cultural criticism, employing the texts we have read this semester. In a standard literature class, we might look at a text and keep the focus solely on the language in the text. For cultural criticism, however, we look closely at both the language of the text and the historical, social, and political context. There are many ways to approach this type of analysis. Here is your topic: A theoretical or philosophical examination of a principle or dilemma raised by a particular text. Focus on the question of how we become “women” and “men”, which is central to Herland. Some sources to consider include Simone de Bouvoir’s classic The Second Sex. There is one chapter there that begins something like “we are not born women.” She then goes on to explain her view on how women are “made.” Monique Wittig is another important author on this topic. All essays will have a claim that is the argumentative thesis for the essay. Your good analysis, research, and, the text(s) you choose, function as evidence for the claim. Please use at least five good academic or academically-credible sources that you have found through our library catalog https://www.uhd.edu/library/Pages/library-index.aspx Please remember that articles are excellent sources because they are narrowly focused. New scholars such as yourselves, however, should employ books in addition to articles for the way in which books offer a broader perspective on an issue and thus make the topic more comprehensible, allowing you to make better choices of the more narrow articles. Also, there are many excellent websites that are not “academic” in the narrow sense, but which provide excellent information.Please note that three of the five sources MUST be academic essays or books. You may certainly use more than the five sources. Grading criteria: •Does the essay have an appropriate yet argumentative claim? •Is the claim supported by credible evidence and analysis throughout the essay? •Does the essay demonstrate an understanding of the relevant context, characteristics, conventions, etc. associated with Nineteenth-Century literature and culture? •Does the essay contain clear and credible close readings of a text? •Does the essay employ at least five academically-credible sources, three of which are scholarly and peer-reviewed, documented correctly, using MLA or APA style of documentation in the essay and in Works Cited page? •Is the essay clearly and effectively written? This assignment is not complicated; it asks for a standard argumentative essay focusing on one or more texts that engage secondary (and perhaps primary) sources in order to assert a specific claim with credible and sufficient evidence.





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