Discussion Board Critique

For each discussion board, you will read a real research article, and tie 10 terms from the book to the article. For each term, you will define the term using the book, explain the definition, and then tie it into the article
Here is an example:
1. Sample generalizability: “Exists when a conclusion based on a sample, or subset, of a larger population holds true for that population.” In other words, sample generalizability is used to assist researchers in explaining a population without actually sampling the entire population. In the research article, the researchers studied 133,468 US men and women in different states, which is an adequate sample size of the population; however, as stated above the study used 99% percent of men in the HPFS are white, 97% of women in the NHS, and 99% of women in the NHS II. Therefore, the study findings may not be generalizable because nearly all the participants were well-educated white adults.
Each post should be well-developed, well-organized, and well-formatted, and free of writing errors. The post should demonstrate that you have truly mastered the terms involved and can apply them to real-world research.




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