Classic English Literature

In 1,000-1,250 words and with incorporation of borrowed material from 2-3 credible sources, develop an analytic essay that focuses on an explanation of cause-effect, interpretation, and relevance in relation to a specifically classified pattern when it comes to money. The analytic thesis should demonstrate your ability to focus while answering four questions: What happens step by step when it comes to a change, development, or reaction? How does one step lead to the next? Why does one step lead to the next, rather than to another step? What idea or concept is represented in the situation? The statement of relevance should answer the question: What is important to consider about this situation? Additionally, your introduction should include an opening image and brief discussion of context. In your body section, present multiple connected examples and demonstrate your ability to describe and narrate. Your conclusion should include a prediction, an explanation of relevance, and a connection to a larger context. At some point in the essay, you should include an analogy, metaphor, or simile. A Works Cited needs to be included.



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