Definition/Exemplification Essay


Identify a relationship you are prepared to define in terms of ideal qualities or characteristics. You might choose to define the ideal parent, instructor, spouse, child, employer – or any other relationship for which you have solid examples to define and describe your ideal. You will define this relationship by using specific, detailed examples that support your thesis. These examples should be representative of the qualities or characteristics you are explaining.


Your audience is composed of the other students in your class (you will be sharing your ideas and essay planning via the discussion forum). Remember that your classmates might define the relationship you have chosen from very different perspectives. You will need to provide them with sufficient explanation so that they understand your perspective.


Understand and apply principles of definition
Analyze and evaluate appropriate personal experiences
Understand and apply principles of exemplification
Understand and apply requirements of assignment, including use of MLA format
Apply rules of standard English and skills learned in ENG 111

Length – 800-1200 words
Sources – none required, but you may use 1-2 outside sources if you would like to do so (you must cite in-text if you use outside sources)
Format – MLA with MLA documentation and in-text citation if you use sources
Please submit BOTH your rough draft AND your final draft for this essay. If you only submit your final draft, you will receive 50% credit. Upload both documents in Bb.

I. Introduction – In 1-2 paragraphs, describe the relationship you are defining and the relevant 3-4 qualities or characteristics that determine the ideal. Explain your unique perspective.

II. Body – For each quality or characteristic, you will need at least 1 well developed paragraph with specific, detailed examples to clarify your point. Your examples should be descriptive and as specific as possible.

III. Conclusion – Summarize your definition and main points. You may want to refer back to points you made in the introduction. You may want to explain how this relationship affects you personally.



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