Response to Questions

First Episode:

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1. According to the chorus, what divine being knows the truth about who the killer is?
2. According to the chorus, who might be able to help discover the murderer’s identity?
3. What does Tiresias accuse Oedipus of being “wrapped together in”? What is the sin (you know, but he doesn’t)?
4. Explain Tiresias statement: “These very gibes you mouth at me will soon be hurled by every mouth at you.”
Second Choral Ode:
1. How does the Chorus feel about the possibility of Oedipus’ guilt?
2. Where/why might Tiresias (the prophet) be wrong?
Third Episode:
1. What does she mean by “We are gone to pieces at the sight of whom the Steersman of the ship astray by fright”?
2. What seemingly “good news” does the messenger bring?
3. How did this person die? What is Oedipus’ reaction?
4. What is Jocasta’s advice to Oedipus on how to deal with the second part of the oracle (sleeping with his mother)?
5. What tragic newsflash does the messenger give about Oedipus’ parents?
6. At what point does Jocasta know? What does she attempt to do?
7. Of what is Oedipus still clueless? What within him blinds him to this reality
Fifth Choral Ode:
1. According to Creon, what catches us all in the end, and who sits in judgment?
1. What tragedy does the Official report? Explain the gruesome details.
2. What is Oedipus’ emotional and physical condition?

Choral Dialogue:

1. What central question does the Chorus ask Oedipus about his actions?
2. What is Oedipus’ response (reasoning)?
3. Whom does Oedipus curse?
4. How does Creon say to treat Oedipus?
5. What does Oedipus ask Creon to for him? Jocasta? His children?
6. According to Oedipus, what will be the future woes for his children?
7. What special request does Oedipus ask of Creon concerning his children?
8. What final advice (and I-told-you-so) does Creon give Oedipus?
1. Summarize and interpret the last lines of the play


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• 1-2 Sentences for each question
• Use copy of Oedipus Rex by Sophocles (if you can)
o If not than use either this source:
• Or any other source
• Use this sheet to type the answers on


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