International Trade

Individual Essay: 70% of the final mark (ILOs N°1, N°2 & N°5)
There is no final exam in this course, but there is a final project in the form of an independently-prepared individual
essay. This individual essay will represent 70% of the final grade (see appendix 2 for grading criteria).
Learning Outcome:
Become an expert in a given consumer behavioural trend and capable to explain its specific features in a country
of your choice (other than your own country). You will demonstrate your capacity to undertake a full-fledged
research on a major consumer trend on a given market. You will conduct yourself as if you were a marketing
consultancy specializing in consumer trends such as (
Update: 05/09/2017 Rennes School of Business (1 st Semester 201 7-201 8) Page 4 sur 10
The assignment requires that you respond to the following: Imagine that you are a marketing consultancy
specializing in consumer trends and you have to formulate practical implications and recommendations for
businesses in a given country related to a specific consumer behavioural trend. You are not expected to provide
anecdotal evidence (e.g., case studies of several individual firms) but to use concepts and theories from the
academic literature (i.e. consumer behaviour concepts and theories introduced in class).
In preparing your response, you should decide which consumer behaviour trend (see below) and which country
you want to investigate. You should also decide which consumer behaviour concept or theory you will use as a
theoretical framework. Your answer should include at least the following:
1. A description of the cultural framework of the country you have decided to investigate and an investigation
of relevant cultural/consumer practices in this country,
2. A description of the emerging trend you have decided to investigate,
3. A description of the consumer behaviour concept/theory you will use as a theoretical framework,
4. A set of actions that you would consider to be part of a proactive strategy to apply this trend to the country
under investigation,
5. A clear description of how the consumer behaviour theoretical framework you are focusing on should be
taken into consideration when deciding on such actions.
You should employ concepts from class discussions and readings where relevant, but you are expected to
introduce substantial new material from peer-reviewed journal articles and other sources not included in the course
as well as novel ideas of your own. The essay should cite at least six peer-reviewed journal articles; this is in
addition to any additional sources (e.g., published documents that were not peer reviewed, unpublished
documents, and websites) found useful.
Your paper should emphasize analysis – independent, critical thought – rather than description.
You are to work on the essay individually. You should avoid plagiarism; if you have any doubts about the need to
cite a source, then cite it. More generally, read the Rennes School of Business’ policy on plagiarism before
completing this assignment.
Choice of trends:
You may choose from the list here bellow of consumer behavioural trends considered as emerging for 201 7
1. Virtual experience economy,
2. Worlds apart,
3. Incognito individuals,
4. Capacity capture,
5. Big Brother brands.




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