Compensatory Essay

5-7 paragraphs

CONTENT: Write an essay arguing that something you feel strongly about should be changed, removed, abolished, enforced, repeated, revised, reinstated,

or reconsidered, sustained. In short, discuss and argue for or against any controversial issue. Make sure that you emphasize a specific topic (like a

particular law or code, requirement or standard, regulation or expectation). In other words, choose any controversial issue and discuss it. Be sure to

make some type of proposal: how can this idea of yours be achieved or implemented. Work in a refutation, explaining and disagreeing with opposing

viewpoints. Give tangible, supporting details and examples; without convincing evidence, your argument cannot succeed.


STYLE: When writing at the college level, style is always a consideration. Not only should you be clear, but your word choice, sentence structure, and

overall expression should be somewhat involved. Use precise, descriptive





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