Cause and Effect Paper 1

Write a two page (600 word) paper responding to the prompt below.

– Papers should be using APA formatting.

– Papers should be double spaced with one inch margins.

– Papers should be written in 12 pt. Times New Roman font.

– Papers should be written in 3rd person unless the paper is self-reflective, in which case 1st person is acceptable. Avoid 2nd person (you, your).

– As part of the assignment, papers should make use of at least two reliable and properly cited sources.

Select an important event from the week’s readings. Select an event, or related events, that you see as having a significant impact on what has been happening in the last decade (2006-2017). Taking a specific event from his past decade, make a few connections (2 or 3) to the event you selected from the readings. Here are a few questions to consider: Why is the event(s) of the past important in light of what has happened recently? What happened in between then and now that affected how history unfolded? Has there been improvement or not? This will require outside research. This is a short paper; be concise.



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