Business Studies

select a company from emerging markets to describe and analyze its international strategic moves over
last three to ten years’ period or analyze the failure of one European based MNE in overseas market. Describe
the apparent international strategy it pursues and discuss its adequacy and effectiveness.

Use some of the conceptual tools seen in class. Suggested number of words: 1,500 to 3,000. This final report has
to be submitted to the lecturer within two weeks (10 working days) immediately after the course lectures of each
group finish. A successful submission of your final report must meet the following conditions:
a. The softcopy of final report has to be either in WORD or PDF format.
b. The file name of your final report (softcopy) has to be: ST512E2017_GROUP NAME_YOUR LAST
NAME_YOUR GIVEN MAE_YOUR STUDENT NUMBER. Your group name will be determined when the lecture
starts (you will find it one the attendance list). This file name has to be mentioned in your title page of final report.
c. In addition to the softcopy of your final report, a hardcopy of printed report has to be handed to the lecturer (to
the office of the lecturer) by the deadline.
d. Any late submission of the final report, either the softcopy or hardcopy, will be considered as submission failure,
except a written confirmation from the lecturer in advance.
e. Other topics beyond the above mentioned two options for the final report will be considered as failure, unless
the student’s chosen topic has been approved by the lecturer before the lectures finish.
f. Spelling and grammar mistakes can be tolerated, if the total number of such mistakes and errors is less than 24.

Plagiarism is copying another’s work or ideas. This includes sections (sentences, tables, diagram) of books or
articles, another student’s work or text, diagram, data from the internet without proper referencing etc. Adding your
name to group work in which you have not participated or letting a student who has not participated add his/her
name to work is also considered as an offence and will lead to disciplinary action for all involved.
Plagiarism in any assessed work (continuous assessment, examinations and projects) is considered as a serious
offence and will lead to disciplinary action.
Other forms of academic dishonesty are subject to disciplinary sanctions. Academic dishonesty, other than
plagiarism may take any number of forms such as submission of the work more than once whether the earlier
submission was at another institution, unless prior approval has been obtained, cheating on an examination, aiding
another student’s dishonesty, unauthorized or inappropriate use of computers, calculators and other forms of
technology in course work, assignments or examinations.

 Recommended Textbook:
 Bartlett, C.A., Ghoshal, M., Beamish, P.W. (Latest Edition). Transnational Management: text, cases and
readings in Cross-Border Management. McGraw-Hill.
 Daniels, J.D., Radebaugh, L. H., Sullivan, D. P. (Latest Edition). International Business: Environments
and Operations. Pearson Education. (eBook available).




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