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Notes – Instructions


  1. Writing #6 – Synthesis Paper(including citations or footnotes and a list of sources at the end of the essay) — Write a 1 to 2 pages OR 20 to 40 sentences minimum essay that uses description, literary criticism, comparison/contrast, application, explanation, critical thinking, and composition genres. In other words, you are going to use the types of writing you have practiced in this class plus some other rudimentary skills you should have learned in other writing/English classes to create a report on English Medieval, Renaissance, and Jacobean art forms including painting, sculpture, tapestry, stained glass windows, architecture.

First of all, you must select the 2 or 3 pieces of art that you wish to investigate. See this LINK à( You may use the English images posted in the lessons for this course if you wish OR you may use any of the British artworks that appear in the online readings or videos from this course as long as they are from medieval, Renaissance or Jacobean England (not contemporary art) OR Go online and search around. I would suggest going to a search engine like Bing or Google and type in: England Medieval art, England Renaissance art, and England Jacobean art (one at a time) OR go to this website and click on each type of art presented there: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.



                 Medieval Art: Judas’ Kiss          Renaissance Art: Flight to Egypt


Jacobean Art: Madonna And Child with John the Baptist

You need to find at least 2 pieces of art and they need to be from different time periods, like a picture of one English Medieval tapestry and a picture of one English Jacobean painting.


Your 5-paragraph, essay should include paragraphs that cover the following information:


  1. Describe the picture in detail (color/texture/subject matter/background).Include in the description the name of the artwork, the artist’s name, and the time period when the artwork was created. What mood or feeling is present in the artwork.


  1. Write a critique (what did you like or dislike about the picture? what is unappealing? And why?). Be specific.


  1. Compare the art/graphic selection to another selection of artwork from a different time period. What is similar and what is different about the 2 (or 3) different works of art. Do you see threads in the pictures/artwork that appear in contemporary art/print ads as well?



  1. Relate the 2 or 3 selections of artwork to one or two of the literary works that we have read this semester. What similarities or differences do you discern?

Julian or Norwich


Excerpts from The Book of Margery Kempe –

Edmund Spencer




  1. What can you discern about the culture connected to the picture/graphic/artwork?       What does the culture value and de-value? What is important to the people of this country and time period based on the picture/artwork?


  1. *****The purpose of this class is to not only show off your knowledge of early modern English literature in your weekly writings BUT ALSO to improve your writing throughout the course.  If your writing is not improving, your essay grade will drop in each module. Therefore, it is possible to receive a “D” or an “F” in this course if you are not improving your writing skills and knowledge of early modern English lit as you progress through each module.  This is one of your goals in this course.  If you have errors in the essay for module 1, you need to correct those mistakes from the module 1 essay when you write your module 2 essay and so on.

*  Your name must appear on all of your assignments for this class to receive credit.

* You must cite from the textbook or from the website provided in this course; these are your only choices.

Essays must be written in correct essay form to receive credit.  You were taught correct essay form in ENGL 50 and 1A.  If you do not understand how to create an essay in correct form, ask for help.

  1. Essay will be graded using the following rubric:

Web or outline

Synthesis essay


In-text citations concerning an artwork and a reading we have done so far in this course that you chose to use in your paragraph or essay for Module 6; reading must be from the textbook or online source provided in this course

Works Cited concerning an artwork and a reading we have done so far in this course that you chose to use in your paragraph or essay for Module 6; reading must be from the textbook or online source provided in this course

Voice (formal tone of voice except in paragraph 2)



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