Mania and Depression

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write a research paper about Mania and Depression.The paper is going to be 4 pages.
Please use scholarly source for the paper. You need use three scholarly source, one of the scholarly source is book ” Marbles” from Ellen Forney,the other two sources you guys can choose but please they should be reliable sourse. please use direct quotes and analyze them, don’t paraphrase someone else writing,please make sure to be plagiarized free because the paper need to submitted through the blackboard and will be check through Turnitin. MLA format with one-inch margins.Essay must include a work cited page, which should follow the MLA format. In-text citations must also be properly cited. PLease make sure that paper to be cited direct ” ” and analyze it.The sources are three, one of the source definitely should be the book Marbles from Ellen Forney. if you guys need any other further info please let me know.

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