Explore the nature of progressive discipline

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One of the elements you will be developing in the course compliance project is a statement of progressive discipline. To that end, the Module 6 Discussion will explore the nature of progressive discipline. First, navigate to the web and watch this short video related to employee discipline procedures – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQmqsJ7kzXQ

The discussion board has two elements. First, identify a company that has a posted progressive discipline policy. Locate the policy, and review it. Include a hyperlink in your post so that your classmates can review the policy.

For the second part of the discussion, analyze the discipline policy you shared with the class. Identify pros and cons of the policy, and suggest how you might change it, given the company and environmental factors.

Your initial posting should be between 200-300 words and use a minimum of two sources (other than the textbook and the article itself). Cite sources and references using APA format (a tutorial is provided in the class tutorials section of the course).

Help with college essays


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