Essay #2: Option #4

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“See a need, fill a need.” – Bigweld (Disney’s Robots)
This option allows you to consider what it would take to establish a business in a community of your choice.
Essay Prompt
Businesses often thrive in areas where their products fill a social, cultural, emotional, psychological, or economic need. For this essay, identify a community, select a business you would like to open, and argue one reason why your business makes sense in that community. Approach this as if you were pitching your idea to an investor who is going to fund your business. This assignment requires that you conduct research (remember to cite your sources) to understand the demographics, socioeconomic climate, diverse cultures, and family values that exist in the community you’ve chosen.
Your essay should contain a traditional thesis with a main point and two supporting points on which to focus the body paragraphs. Construct the thesis by answering the questions below:
1. What profession have you chosen? Why?
2. What is your single strongest argument for why this business should open in this community?
3. What are the two strongest supporting points for #2 above?

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