Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

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The class paper is on a disease related to the systems studied this term. Most of us have diseases of our own or family and friends who have been affected by a disease. There are lots of material; just dig in on a few different topics and see what you are really interested in.The structure of the paper should contain the follow parts:
1.Abstract – What are you going to explore?
2.Background – What aspects of homeostasis are disrupted?
3.Treatment – Potential treatment of the disease.
4.Social Implications – This is a reflection; i.e. putting your scientific knowledge together with your knowledge of social issues.
5.Citations – Five peer reviewed citations on the disease.The paper body should be 5-7 pages long and in APA standard format. The five or more citations should be from peer reviewed sources.

The research paper will be graded using the following Grading Algorithm:
10% Thesis Statement/Abstract – Clear statement of what you are studying
30% Background – Clear explanation of chosen disease’s disruption of homeostasis
25% Treatment – How can homeostasis be restored
20% Social Implications – Reflection on disease’s impact on society and individuals
10% Citations – 5 or more peer reviewed articles used
5% APA – Used APA paper format w/ citations of all specific information provided

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