Activity Development Plan and Implementation

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Once the human service professional has completed a needs assessment and has the results of the needs assessment, the human service professional will review the results and begin to look at ways in which to meet the needs identified. This action can include taking some action in providing education/information to the client/community, meeting the need(s) by providing a direct service or other solution processes.
1. Activity Development Process
Once you have your done your needs assessment and have evaluated what those needs are at the time, the human service professional would develop an activity, plan and/or an educational program for the clients and the community.
Since it would take more than the length of this 8-week class to implement an activity or plan and get results, your assignment here is to develop an educational program that addresses the need(s) provided in the needs assessment. This program may be a PowerPoint presentation developed for your clients and the community. It may be a presentation without a PowerPoint and more experiential that would directly involve the clients in the educational process. Develop whatever way you find is the best way to provide the information to your clients and community. You are asked to provide a PowerPoint or a copy of your experiential presentation and activity. You will be using information from other sources so you will need to site your sources so that there are no plagiarism concerns. You may use an activity that you find or you are welcome to develop your own activity as well. However you decide to provide the educational project, you will need to also develop a one page handout that would be given to your clients and the community as a take away.
2. Resources Research
Here you are asked to do some research as to what others have done with you same topic and concern. This is a very important part of the process because you are getting information about the success or failures of others who have attempted to provide information on your topic. You are asked to have 3-5 sources which again can include someone who is experienced or expert in this field.
Your resources research should be 3 pages in APA style.

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