Transformational Leadership places an overemphasis on charisma and personality

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Discuss. Present some examples of transformational leaders to support your viewpoint.


The following journals may be helpful to you in relation to the prescribed topic:
• Leadership Quarterly (Available on ScienceDirect)
• Leadership and Organisation Development Journal (Available on ABIInform)
• Team Performance Management (Available on ABIInform)
• Journal of Management Development (Available on ABIInform)
• Group and Organisation Management (Available on SageOnline)

Youmaywishtorefertorelevanttheoryoryoumaywishtociterelevantresearchorexamples to support your arguments. Remember all material cited must be referenced using the APA Referencing system. Also please refer to the University guidance notes on the avoidance of Plagiarism.
Please remember to structure the essay appropriate. Should use headings– and include an introduction, main body and conclusion/recommendations sections. Please do not label the main body as “main body”.
You should avoid using footnotes in your essay.
Please ensure you use UK English spelling in your writing – so avoid “z’s” such as “organization” and use the UK English spelling of “organisation” instead.
Bulletpointsandnumberedlistsshouldbeavoidedinyouressay–withstrong,well-supported arguments from the literaturepreferred.
Please use “Justify” alignment and 1 and a half or double spacing. Your font should be a suitable size (usually 11 or 12 font size).
At least a minimum of 15 different journal articlesin youressay.
Pleaseanswerthetopicposed.TheessayshouldNOTbeasummaryofleadershiptheories. Need to specifically address the topic and questionposed.

Minimum Essay Length:
2000 – 2500 words

The word count includes the entire essay, citations and reference list.

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