Public Administration

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WK2 Disc. 1
The two societal issues I would like to further discuss for my final paper are adult illiteracy and overcoming digital divide. I narrowed it down to these two because it is a topic that I am interested in. I was not aware that something like adult illiteracy because it amazes me how some people specially people that come from other countries don’t take the time to learn the language.It also has to do with people not educating themselves in what they need to learn or advance their knowledge to better themselves.
One of the scholarly I found is called “Illiteracy and older adults: Individuals and Societal Implications” the purpose of this article to is explain why literacy is very important specially in older adults for them to keep up with technology and can be part of today’s society.
The second article I found is “Overcoming adult illiteracy” this article talks about steps that you can take for overcoming adult illiteracy.
Scholarly sources are important because you need to show evidence of where you got the knowledge of what you’re talking about in the paper. We are not born knowing everything that why we learn and when it comes to proving a point to have to have sources to back-up your word and knowledge.

1. Please write a paragraph of 100 words indicating if you agree or disagree with the statement listed above. Please provide a scholastic source (credential source) to prove your reasoning.
2. Second please provide strategies on how adults can overcome illiteracy.

WK2 Disc1 Part II
Based on the completed work # 857852455 Please respond to these question in 100 words:(see attachment for a copy of the work.
o You made a great point within your introductory post. Conducting research could be very overwhelming for an adult learner. As an adult learner it is important that information is organized and prioritized. There are many methods in which an adult learner can implement to ensure they do not become overwhelmed as the adult learner conduct research.
What are some suggested methods you would encourage an adult learner to implement as they conduct their research as the adult learner writes?

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WK 2 Disc 2- Georgiann
What strategies would you recommend an individual to implement to ensure they stay focus on their higher education goals? (Please use no less than 75words)





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