Healthcare costs associated with sexually transmitted diseases.

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Prepare and submit your short paper on Trends in Health Care Cost
o Identify the health care issue that you will address as your topic for your Health Promotion paper, due Week 6. Visit and to learn more about trends in health care costs and how this may be impacting your topic issue. Are healthcare costs increasing, being contained, or decreasing with regard to your selected issue? What do you think may need to happen in the areas of policy development, health care cost containment, and nursing practice to improve the situation and resolve the selected health care problem/issue? Refer to data and articles from this website and/or or other course resources to support your position.
This 3-4 page (double-spaced) paper must be carefully considered and well-crafted. Students will be evaluated on both the content and grammar. Students must employ correct APA format (including title and reference pages), English usage, proper spelling, correct capitalization, and complete sentences. Each post should be 750 -1000 words and references to current research in relevant literature is expected.

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