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100 points
Please read “Your Inner Fish: A Journey Into the 3.5-Billion-Year History of the Human Body” by Neil
In this assignment, you are going to analyze the nonfiction book, “Your Inner Fish,” by Neil Shubin. In his
book, Shubin writes about the evolutionary relationship between fish and tetrapods (you are a tetrapod)
by discussing development of major body systems and body structures.
Final reports should be typed using a standard 11-point font and black ink. Lines should be single
spaced with 1-inch margins on all sides, and pages should be numbered sequentially. Remember to
include a bibliography/references cited page that identifies any sources (including chapters of the book)
you used in preparing you report. A digital copy has to be submitted by the deadline (November 21st).
Shubin discusses vision, hearing and other senses evolved from “old structures” possibly not related to
these “modern” anatomical structures. He points to the clear evidence where current anatomical
structures can be seen as old structures (found in other creatures) that have been “repurposed” (clear
example of “descent with modification”).
Choose ONE of these senses and explain how it has been repurposed in modern species. You must
specify which sense you are choosing by indicating at the top of your assignment.
This question asks you to create TWO explanations of the same topic:
• Task 1: a detailed accurate real summary (~250-300 words / half-page) – 50pts
o For the real summary be VERY clear and specific. If there is any part of the topic that is
fuzzy to you, review the text, discuss with a friend or contact me to make sure you
unlock any uncertainty for yourself.
• Task 2: a ridiculous misinterpretation of the topic (~250-300 words / half-page) – 50pts
o For the fake summary, the more ridiculous the better (think about the absurd
misinterpretations we saw in the clips from “Last Week Tonight” with John Oliver and
how funny they are because they are just so far off). Have fun, go wild. The more
creative and ridiculous the higher you will score! Most importantly, make sure that
your fake summary takes real facts from the book and twist their meaning to the
The purpose of this is to demonstrate your understanding of the topic by explaining extremely clearly
what it is and what it’s not.
Both REAL and FAKE SUMMARY should be around 250-300 words EACH and MUST have a clear title!
EXTRA CREDIT: +5% for following ALL the formatting rules above
No plagiarism of any kind will be tolerated! This is an individual assignment and each student will have
to submit her/his own work.
Examples of plagiarism include:
– submitting any material that is attributable in whole or in part to another student. In this case
BOTH students will be penalized in their grade.
– Submitting any material that has been copied in whole or in part from another source, such as
Wikipedia, textbooks, internet, etc.
Each assignment will be scanned using text comparison software designed to detect plagiarism, which
it will compare each assignment to web material and other students’ work.

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