America’s involvement in World War I


ESSAY PROMPT: Was America’s involvement in World War I necessary to victory? Yes or no?
Source: The American Pageant


Format: This essay should be a standard essay, an introduction, essay body, and a conclusion. It must have a minimum of 1000 words.

Introduction: This is the opening paragraph where you will coherently and concisely introduce the argument you are about to make in your essay. Oftentimes students fall short on their introduction. Do not write something along the line of “changes happened” and leave it at that. Arguments such as changes happened, or that is why things are the way they are today are meaningless and will result in zero points. Make an argument for your essay. Be sure to write about what happened in the past and was why that was historically significant. BE SURE YOUR INTRODUCTION MATCHES THE REST OF YOUR ESSAY/ARGUMENT. 15 points

Essay/Argument Body: The body of your essay should contain at least three major ideas that bolster your argument. They are the evidence you use to prove your point. Anyone may make a claim about the past but the better student will back their claim up with facts and analysis (especially analysis). So many times I have read essays that simply state, this happened, then that happened, and some more stuff happened. Do not do this. Instead write this happened and then explain why it was historically significant. 75 points

Conclusion: A number of students fall flat on the conclusion. I have seen no conclusion, conclusions that say either “things changed” or “that’s why things are the way they are today.” These types of conclusions are worthless and result in zero points. A conclusion should recap the overall idea and argument of your essay. 10 points



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