Human Resources and Research Assignment

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Background Information
You are the HR Specialist at Glass Electronics, a global leader in the technology industry. Glass Electronics has three locations, Ottawa, Ontario, Austin, Texas and Venlo, Netherlands. The company has recently made the strategic decision to centralize their Human Resources operations to Ottawa, Ontario under a new global operations business model. Previously each location had its own Human Resources department that operated autonomously.
The HR Director has tasked you with the role of completing this transition. You will be the Project Manager of this transition overseeing all aspects of the change.
The decision has been made to make the changes over the next fiscal year to ensure the transition is completed properly. Each fiscal quarter you will have a new area to transition over to Ottawa’s Human Resources department to manage for Glass Electronics globally. Below are the areas that will be transiting over. Each is of equal importance to Glass Electronics.
1. Recruitment and Selection
2. Compensation
3. Benefits Management
4. HRIS Data
Additional Information about Glass Electronics:
• Approximately 4000 Globally

o 2,500 Employees Ottawa, Ontario
o 1,000 Employees Austin, Texas
o 500 Employees Venlo, Netherlands
• All Human Resource Processes are done by paper, in person and via email
• All Employees are paid in Canadian Dollars (for simplicity of the assignment)
• Glass Electronics is a non-unionized company that prides itself on staying above market and industry standards
• Employees demographics are as follows:

o 40% female
o 60% male
o 35% Ages 23-34
o 40% Ages 35-54
o 25% Ages 55+
o Average income $65,000

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• The majority of employees are from the following professions

o Software Engineers
o Project Managers
o Accountants
o Sales Professionals
Your role as the HR specialist is to further understand the process and issue for 1of the 4 highlighted issues. Since Glass Electronics would like to centralize the Human Resources processes you must first understand the issues below. You will be required to conduct research and build a research plan on how you will obtain this information and how the results will impact your project plan.
Recruitment and Selection
What attracts and retains employees
How does the company compensation package compare to the market
Benefits Management
Does the benefits package meet the needs of our employees and does it keep up with current market trends
Which HRIS system is best for the company
Part 1
For your research topic you will be required to outline the following in a maximum 10 page report.
Answering and including the information below, you will be expected to organize the report as if you are pitching your action plan to the HR, Director.
• Problem Definition and Research Objectives
• Proposed Research Process and Methodology
• Proposed Sample Population and Plan
• Proposed Example/Draft Materials
Part 2
You will also be required to submit a Power Point presentation that you would present to Glass Electronics HR, Director and Leadership outlining your research action plan. This action plan will define the problem, research methods and objects and how you plan on approaching the problem. You will also be required to outline your recommendations in point form.

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