Essay 6 Assignment

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Create an essay in which you describe your topic using the following headings. Plan on 1-2 paragraphs per heading.
Refer to a APA Manual for title page requirements..

• Introduction. State what you will cover in your essay.
• Research Problem. State the research problem or topic your study will investigate, including its background.
• Purpose of the Research. State the purpose of the study. Typically, the purpose is to contribute to knowledge and solve the research problem.
• Significance of the Study. Describe the significance of your study’s investigation of the research problem. Include a statement of the study’s particular significance to the field of business.
• Research Questions. Write out your research question or questions. Do not worry at this point about perfection.
• Method Overview. Briefly describe how you might collect data and do the analysis that you might use to conduct the study. Do not worry at this point about perfectly describing the research method. But do indicate if you will do quantitative (survey and statistical analysis) or qualitative (interviews with interpretive analysis).

Develop this essay in a Word document. Be sure to have a reference list. Use at least one source to support your thinking in each section.

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