Chapter Two; Literature Review

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Definition of corporate image of Homestay in relationship with Cognitive and Behavioural apporach based on Marketing and Management theories.
Cognitive and Behavioural approach need to explain further as stated in the thoeretical/Conceptual Framework of the study.
The gap of the prevoius studies need to include at least 15 citations related to rebanding corporate image of Homestay wordwide and Malaysia.
Statement of the Problem is only for your reference so that you know the gap in the Literature Review to be presented.
“What are the perceptions of the Malaysian homestay customers about the corporate image of Homestay Businesses in Malaysia from a cognitive and behavioral perspective?” Need to be significance in the current situation in Malaysia. Any reliable data or argument from the previous writers or researchers to support the statement of the problem.
Don’t forget to include conclusion of Literature review. The previous gap studies need to study in order to support my present study so that it has to be a significant to do research study.

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